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Empowerment Through Self Care

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On October 9th, SWIIFT will be hosting a self care event called, Empowerment Through Self Care. The event will be hosted at Keiser University from 9 AM to 5 PM. We are hosting the event to help raise funds for our organization’s scholarships and programs. 


During the event, there will be 7 sessions catering to self care. 


• From 9 AM-10AM, there will be a fitness class. 

• From 10 AM-11 AM, there will be a yoga class. 

• From 11 AM-12 PM, there will be a mindfulness and meditation class. 

• From 12 PM-1 PM, there will be a nutrition class. 

• From 1 PM -2 PM, there will be medical checkups. 

• From 2 PM-4 PM, there will be massages and beauty treatments. 

• From 4 PM-5 PM, there will be motivational speaking.


The tickets for the event are $25.


Purchase your tickets today, seats are limited.