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Meet The Founders


Karla Thiele

SWIIFT State Board President


Mary Seddique

SWIIFT State Board Vice President

Mary Seddique is an Afghan-American, who enjoys long strolls down the tropical beaches here in beautiful coastal Florida. She feels the little things make life so beautiful and appreciative. At a very young age, Mary completed high school and a college degree with highest honors, while attending an honors college. During her continued education, she was active in the community by participating in health fairs, volunteering at charities to raise money for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, and much more. She worked front lines during the H1N1 pandemic and worked with post-operative patients at a orthopedics spine institute. Also, she has worked in critical care units, and emergency departments as a Respiratory Therapist for almost a decade at a very young age. She realized her calling was to become a Physician to help and heal others in the time of need.


Throughout her journey, she has faced many hardships and challenges. But through her faith, resilience, passion, and love gave her the strength to rise above all! She is a firm believer that when faced with F.E.A.R., it means to Face Everything and Rise; there are miracles and opportunities in every challenge faced in life. She believes in helping and mentoring others who strive for success, particularly in medicine. She is very passionate in the field of medicine, public health and overall giving back to the community. 

Hi, I’m Karla with a K. I was raised in Florida and did not appreciate the warm breeze and palm trees until I lived up North for 5 years after high school. I got to play volleyball at a collegiate level and serve as a mentor, behavior coach, and assistant teacher at Ballou High School in Washington DC during my gap year before Chiropractic School. I have been doing service since I was a little girl as my parents used to take me and my sister to clean up trash and build homes and I watched my dad advocate for his clients in court and my mom empower young people through education! The example of treating everyone equally regardless of socioeconomic status, race, and religion steamed from watching my parents interact with people from all different statuses and treating each one equally with dignity and respect.

I came to chiropractic school and saw the way the teachers treated the males in my class compared to the females and felt a little lost about my place in this world. That sparked my craving for a Safe Space for females to empower one another and inspire with our unique gifts and voices and realized other women wanted the same.

We do belong in this world and deserve to thrive in this male dominant healthcare profession!

Starting Swiift is my statement to our power and value through unity and growth!

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”

Swiift gave me a tribe; the women I have bonded with through service and empowerment has made my experience through chiropractic school so much better and I want others to find their voice through this organization and take the positive energy they gain through conversations and service in the world.


Dr. Karen Gordon

SWIIFT State Board Secretary

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”- Maya Angelou Dr. Karen-Ann Gordon affectionately known as Dr. Sunshine, she is a recent graduate of Keiser University College of Chiropractic Medicine College. She is a wife and mother of 2 children. Prior to studying chiropractic medicine, she practiced dental hygiene for over 10 years. She is also graduate of USF and the University of the West Indies where she earned a bachelor’s in Communication Science Disorders and Mathematics respectively. She served as the treasurer of the ACA Sports Council and recently one of the cofounders of SWIIFT Inc. She is passionate about women’s health and believes that every family should have access to chiropractic care.


Paola Franco

SWIIFT State Board Treasurer

Hilda Paola Franco born in Miami, Florida her family origin is from Honduras. Played soccer for most of her childhood and teen years. She graduated from Miami Senior High School in 2009 and from Barry University with a Bachelor of Science with a major in Exercise Science in 2013.  Completed her Doctoral Chiropractic Physician degree from Keiser University on May 2020.

A soccer injury led to her initial encounter with chiropractic and worked as a medical assistant for a chiropractor from 2009-2013. This experience led her to pursue a career in chiropractic medicine.


Paola served as the treasurer for a Non-profit organization, SWIIFT Inc. also a cofounder.  Her passion is to connect and unite women in healthcare. She recently completed a clerkship at the VA Hospital in Miami and was able to experience a multidisciplinary healthcare setting. Her dream is to open her own family wellness facility.