SWIIFT Stands With Honduras

Hurricane Eta ravaged Honduras and devastated the nation state. Roads and infrastructure have been damaged and destroyed leaving hundreds of thousands of Hondurans without a home. Prior to Hurricane Eta blowing its way into Honduras, the nation was already exposed to pre-existing vulnerabilities such as major economic inequalities and high rates of crime and violence. Coupled with economic hardship and recent ongoing atrocities caused by COVID-19, Honduras is now in the process of rebuilding what was lost and will require much sacrifice and every support that can be garnered.

SWIIFT is an organization that has always risen to the aid of others in need. This time around is no exception. We feel that it is essential that we rise to the occasion and direct as much resource that we can to help with the rebuilding initiative of the Honduran people. In an effort to assist the Honduran people, a GoFundMe page has been created  and we greatly appreciate any donations that can be made.