Women Holding Hands

Empowering, Uniting, and Inspiring Women to Take Over the World of Healthcare

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Who We Are

Empowering Women Towards Their Educational and Professional Pursuits in Healthcare

SWIIFT is a nonprofit organization whose central mission is to empower, unite, and inspire women in all healthcare professions, with the purpose of encouraging and promoting sisterhood, community service, collaboration, and knowledge through an interdisciplinary support system along with providing scholarship opportunities for women in healthcare.

What We Do

Fueling Her Spirit as She Sets the World of Healthcare on Fire

As a commitment to our mission, SWIIFT helps to aid in the educational and professional pursuits of women in all professions of healthcare as well as creating a pathway for individual growth and self-motivation. SWIIFT plays a very important role in mentoring and guiding women in healthcare in order to help them embark on their journey in life.


How We Do It

Lending an Olive Branch to Our Sisters

Through the generous donations of the general public as well as our sponsors and partners, SWIIFT has been given the opportunity to provide women in healthcare with scholarships. SWIIFT takes part in planning and organizing seminars with guest speakers to inform and inspire women in how to climb up the ladder of success in the healthcare industry. Working side by side with different charity and volunteering organizations in order to bring about the educational and professional betterment of women in healthcare.