Female Student

SWIIFT’s WomenRising Internship Program

Providing Women the Opportunity to Fulfill Their Potential

Choosing to pursue a career is a major step in one’s life. An individual’s choice in career is a measure of his or her interests and ambitions. While every career choice is unique in nature and provides a difference of approach, the path to getting there can be incredibly challenging but worth every moment. As one approaches the end of his or her educational journey the opportunity to immerse oneself in his or her career role of choice is not only one of high importance but of great experience.

SWIIFT’s WomenRising internship program empowers women majoring in healthcare to:

  • Build their professional skills and experience

  • Establish critical networking connections

  • Apply their classroom learning and skills in professional environments

  • Strengthen their personal character

  • Provide a greater door to opportunity

SWIIFT is seeking hosts who can offer our undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a healthcare program, who are members of the organization, internships of ten to fourteen weeks at 15 to 20 hours a week, compensated with at least minimum wage.

SWIIFT’s WomenRising Internship Program will start June 1, 2022